Dulce de Leche (aka Crockpot Caramel)



And oh!, so tasty – this little jar o’ happiness is almost embarassingly simple to toss together.

In a slow cooker.

With two basic ingredients: milk and sugar.

And then whatever else you may like to add.

•Sweetened Condensed Milk

Yeh, that’s it!

Well, sweetened condensed milk and a slow cooker.

01bJarAddSeaSaltbfLOErmmm, you’ll need some water, too. And a glass jar with a tight fitting lid’d be a good thing, as well.

You could just remove the label from the can of sweetened condensed milk, then place it in the slow cooker, cover it with water, pop the lid on and let the whole thing cook on low for eight to ten hours.

03aDulcedeLechebfLOOr, you could open the milk can and pour the contents into a low glass jar; stir in a teaspoon of sea salt, or mebbe a tablespoon of bourbon or brandy, then screw on the lid, cover the jar in the slow cooker with water, set it on low, then go about your bidness for eight or ten hours – while this batch was going, I got caught up on a murder mystery I want to share with the world’s best mom-in-law next week, put up eight half-pints of peach butter, tossed some chicken thighs and onion in a kindofa Korean-inspired marinade for dinner, made a salad, and a tamari and rice vinegar salad dressing for dinner.

DulcedeLecheIceCreambfLOSo you can see, there’s really nothing stopping you from making this at home.

Once the caramel is done, carefully remove the jars from the slow cooker and allow to cool on a rack.

Note: if you use canning jars, they will appear to be sealed once you’ve pulled them from the water. They are not, and you’ll need to store the dulce de leche in the fridge.

Heat a bit up in the ‘wave and spoon it over ice cream – I also added crushed salted caramel cookies to this bowl – or stir a bit into a cup of very strong coffee for a (very) nice riff on cafe con leche.

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