Savory Deviled Eggs

03cEggsSavoryBaconbfLOI needed a couple of hard-cooked eggs for spinach salad, so figured I may as well toss a few extra into the pot and put together some deviled eggs for our holiday feast.

I kind of skimped a bit on the eggs – I really should have used a half-dozen instead of the four – so my deviled filling was a bit softer than it really should’ve been, but my! was it tasty!

And now Rich’s new favorite deviled eggs, so I guess all worked out for the best.

•6 hard-cooked eggs, halved*
•2 tbsp mayonnaise
•1 tbsp Dijon mustard
•1 tsp sherry peppers sauce (or vinegar)
•1 tsp dill relish
•1/2 tsp dried chive
•1/4 tsp garlic powder
01aEggsBoiledbfLO•1/8 tsp celery salt

•Bacon strips

*Yeh, you can make these with four eggs, and it’ll be fine, but the filling will be soft, and really they’re so nice, you may as well just make a half-dozen anyway.

To boil the eggs: arrange the eggs in a sauce pan large enough to hold them in single layer and add enough cold water to cover them by an inch or so.

02bEggMayoMustardbfLOBring to a boil over high heat, then remove the pan from the heat, cover, and let the eggs rest in the hot water for 12 minutes.

Drain the eggs and cool under running water, then stash in the fridge until needed.

05cDeviledEggsbfLOHint: eggs that are about a week old will peel better than absolutely fresh ones, and I definitely find them easier to peel under cool running water, but, you do what you want.

Whisk the mayonnaise together with the mustard, sherry peppers sauce, relish, and seasonings in a small bowl.

Slice the peeled eggs in half and mash the yolks into the mayonnaise mixture with a fork.

Spoon the filling back into the egg halves, sprinkle with chopped parsley, and top with a wee, tiny strip o’ that freshly water-cooked bacon.

Yummy eggs, even if the filling was a bit runny. Now I know, for next time.

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