Cauliflower Tabouli

CauliflowerTaboulibfLOI was looking for a different kindofa salad, and had very specific requirements:

•no gluten

paleo autoimmune friendly

•must work within the context of brunch

And then I came across two sources offering up tabouli made using cauliflower in place of the more traditional bulgur; and thought; “that could work!”.

02aCauliflowerGarlicProcessorbfLOAnd it did.

I made two versions of the tabouli; one basic – but still very tasty – paleo autoimmune version for one of our brunch guests, and the other loaded up with roasted asparagus and tomatoes I had leftover from making a crustless quiche.

•1 cauliflower
•1/3 cup lemon juice
•3 tbsp olive oil
•Chopped fresh parsley, rather a lot
•Chopped fresh mint, to taste

•2 tbsp soy sauce (use tamari if you need to make this salad gluten-free)
•Roasted grape tomatoes
•Roasted asparagus

Roughly chop the cauliflower, then add it to the bowl of a food processor fitted with the metal blade.

Pulse until the cauliflower is the texture of bulgur or couscous and transfer to a large bowl.

Toss the cauliflower with the lemon juice, olive oil, parsley, mint, and the salt and pepper to taste. Voilà; cauliflower tabouli, and not too, too bad, either.

Set aside some of this version, then add the soy sauce, roasted tomato and asparagus to the remaining tabouli in the bowl and toss to blend.


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