Parfait! Double Orange Spritzer

AperolCoolerbfLOI woke this morning to Rich’s iPhone weather report of 100% humidity and no real breeze of the lake.


Fortunately, we have central air and freshly installed energy insulating draperies that I’ve drawn over our Southwest exposure patio doors to help keep the place cool.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t also beat the heat with a tall, sparkling cocktail…

•2 oz. chilled Aperol
•4 oz chilled Prosecco or white wine
•2 oz chilled orange soda
•Orange slices
•Fresh basil leaves (optional)

Pour Aperol over ice in a tall glass (or a large wine glass). Top with orange soda and Prosecco or white wine.

I wouldn’t say no to a slightly bruised fresh basil leaf on top, just because.

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