Strawberry Jam With Riesling and Rosemary

03cStrawberryJambfLOSo, yeh, strawberry jam in your slow cooker; flavored with a bit of sweet German wine and rosemary. Not too, too bad. And definitely worth the time to make, just don’t expect a lot of jam from your two pounds of strawberries – I got mebbe a pint total, spread out across several small containers.

The nice folk at Cooking Light magazine called for using “pectin for less- or no-sugar recipes” and all I had on hand was plain ole liquid pectin. Seemed to work a treat, so you do what you want.

•2 lb strawberries
•1 medium apple
•1 cup sugar
•1/2 cup Riesling
•1 box (1-3/4 oz) pectin for less- or no-sugar recipes – I used 3 tbsp liquid pectin
•1 sprig fresh rosemary

02aJamCookedbfLOHull and slice the strawberries, peel, core, and dice the apple, and add to a slow cooker with the sugar, wine, and pectin.

Cover and cook on high for four hours, then remove the cover and continue to cook for another 90 minutes.

Mash the fruit to a pulpy purée, turn off the heat, then add the rosemary sprig and set aside to rest for an hour or so.

03dJamToastbfLORemove the rosemary, transfer the jam to a bowl (or your preferred jam jar-like thing) and stash in the fridge overnight.

Use as you will.

I like mine on a toasted Bay’s English muffin, but we were fresh out, so a lightly toasted multi-grain sammich thin did an admirable job as a replacement.

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