Ginger Liver Spread

02bLiverSpreadCrackersbfLOI came across a recipe for a liver sausage cheese ball on some vintage advertising site or other that called for combining liverwurst with cream cheese, Worcestershire sauce, a bit of lemon juice and stuff, then rolling it all into a ball on a bunch of freshly chopped parsley leaves. It sounded… ok, but I thought there should be a little sumpin’ sumpin’ else; so I went surfing…

And found a recipe with added hot sauce and chopped pickle and stuff, so I made a batch and asked for folk’s opinion…


It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t much of anything, really, and those who are now kinda used to my chicken liver pâté were not impressed.

01bAddCrCheesebfLOThen, I saw another vintage advertising snippet for a ginger cream sauce that was ‘just the thing for hamburgers!’ and that got me to thinking:


And man, let me tell you, it does.

•8 oz liver sausage
•1/2 cup ginger cream
•1 oz cream cheese
•Pinch of sea salt

01cBlendedbfLOAdd the liver sausage and ginger cream to a food processor fitted with the metal blade and pulse until well blended.

Cube the cream cheese, drop into the food processor, and continue to pulse until thoroughly blended.

Give it a taste, add the pinch of sea salt, and pulse a couple more times to blend.

Transfer to a covered container and chill overnight before serving with crackers or cocktail pumpernickel bread.

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