Book Club Sangria

03bSangriaWaterbzLORich found this recipe the the kitchn, and thought it’d be just the thing to serve at our next Book Club gathering.

He was correct.

01aProseccoCointreaubzLOVery light and refreshing, with the bonus that you can toss it all together the night before – even the prosecco – so there’s little muss or fuss the morning/early afternoon of your event.

Note: this recipe will (really) make four to six servings. I you’re expecting a larger crowd, or want to have enough for another round, make sure you have a couple of two+ quart pitchers available.

•1 pink grapefruit
•1 navel orange
02aAddCointreaubzLO•2 limes
•1 cup Cointreau*
•1 bottle Prosecco
•12 to 24 oz sparkling water

*Don’t cheap out. Yeh, you could use Triple Sec in place of the Cointreau, but this big (ish) bottle of the good stuff was about what you’d expect to pay for a premium bottle of vodka – and this recipe only calls for one cup, so that means you have the makings for lots of sangria.

02cSangriaSealbzLOSlice the citrus fruit into half moons. Mix with the Cointreau in a pitcher that holds at least quarts. Add the Prosecco and cover the pitcher tightly with plastic wrap. Refrigerate overnight.

When ready to serve, top off the pitcher with sparkling water and serve with lime or orange wedges…


Pour over rocks in large individual wine glasses and top with sparkling water.

Yeh. I think it’s much more better to have two pitchers of this stashed away.

Happy Book Club!

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