Cherry Chip Dr.Pepper Cake

01aSodaMixbzLOSurprisingly, it took me three supermarkets, but I finally found a Cherry Chip cake mix to satisfy Rich’s craving.

Don’t get me wrong, he was most pleased with the kinda made up cherry Dr. Pepper cake I’d cobbled together, but now, I had a mix with cherry chips!

How can one go wrong?

So. To review. 12 ounces of Dr. Pepper (no diet) and one cake mix.

01bPourInbzLOThat is all you need to make this cake.

Add the cake mix to a mixing bowl, pour in the soda, and mix for a couple of minutes until you have a smooth batter.

Turn the batter into your chosen cake pan(s) and bake according to the directions on the back of the box.


Now, the cake is a snap, why not go a little overboard on the frosting?

Real buttercream, with real butter and heavy cream because, it’s a cake, right?

•1 cup butter, softened
•3 cups confectioners’ sugar
03eAddCreambzLO•1/8 tsp salt
•1/8 tsp black pepper*
•1 tsp vanilla
•2 tbsp heavy cream (or more)

*?!!? Yep. Just a hint of black pepper, much like the salt will help to bring out the rich, creamy flavor of the frosting.

Place the softened butter in a mixing bowl fitted with the whisk attachment.

A04aCherryChipCakebzLOdd the salt, pepper, vanilla, and confectioners’ sugar and mix until thick and creamy. Start slow so you don’t end up with clouds of powdered sugar all over everywhere. Do not ask me how I know this.

Once you have a rich, fluffy frosting, add the two tablespoons of heavy cream and beat in.

If the frosting seems too thick, go ahead and add more cream until you have a consistency you are happy with.

Cake baked and cooled, you can now frost and enjoy.

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6 Responses to Cherry Chip Dr.Pepper Cake

  1. Kerry says:

    Do you think this would work if I used a white cake mix and then added diced marshino cherries? Cherry Chip cake is really tough to find.

    • tbuzzee says:

      I should think it would work. You could even try using tipsy cherries, where you have drained them and replaced the liquid in the jar with vodka. Not for kids, obviously, but a fun option.

  2. Kim says:

    Hi.. Why no Diet? Will it ruin it?

    • tbuzzee says:

      When I first came across this method, that site said not to use diet soda, and, since I don’t care for “diet” or “lite” stuff anyway, I went along with it. But I have seen other sites lately that are using diet soda, so, I guess you can. Enjoy!

  3. Al says:

    For topping with other soda cakes I use cool whip and a flavor jello. Wondering if I could use cool whip and cherry jello for this cake.

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