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Parfait! Dr. Pepper Espresso Cake

So… I know I haven’t made a dark chocolate and espresso Dr. Pepper cake before, but I have made a ton of different “soda” cakes – where you stir 12 ounces of soda, and nothing else, into a box of … Continue reading

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Cherry Chip Dr.Pepper Cake

Surprisingly, it took me three supermarkets, but I finally found a Cherry Chip cake mix to satisfy Rich’s craving. Don’t get me wrong, he was most pleased with the kinda made up cherry Dr. Pepper cake I’d cobbled together, but … Continue reading

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Parfait! Another Soda (Dr. Pepper!) Cake

It’s the official beginning of the summer season around about these parts, so break out those white shoes and belts and stuff secure in the knowledge that even Serial Mom will leave you be. Well, until just after Labor Day. … Continue reading

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