02akaliorangesbzloYeh… it’s pronounced “caliMOcho” and it is frikkin’ delicious!

My friend Barb tells me this is trending on Buzzfeed, but I first came across it last month on thrillest.

“What is it?” you may finally be asking.

Kalimotxo is, just about, the perfect summer (well, at this point late summer) drink; cheap red wine and Coca Cola – I went with the Mexican, all sugar Coke.


That is it.

Open a bottle of cheap red wine, then pour some over ice in a large glass.

01bcokewineorangebzloTop it off with an equal amount of Coke, and, mebbe live a little and add an orange slice or two.

You have now made yourself a very nice sangria that does not taste at all like cheap red wine and Coke.


There is a very good reason this is trending on Buzzfeed and thrillist.

And, it is not too late to enjoy a glass or three before winter actually does come.



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