Vacation Stuff…

So, I KNOW that this is a BIG week for folk visiting food blogs and the like, looking for JUST THE THING for Passover or Easter or what have you.

And, I have been on vacation. My husband and I have been in Ontario, visiting family and attending our cousin’s wedding.

She was born and raised in Ontario, he was born and raised in the UK, they met in Japan, fell in love, and are kinda sweet and totally perfect for each other.

The wedding was in Niagara On The Lake – and if you haven’t checked it out, you should. There are also some pretty spectacular wineries in the region – we went to three or four tastings and came back with a bit over two cases of wine – AFTER we shared in the good stuff with local family and friends. Fortunately, we had been in the country for a bit over a week, and customs did not seem too concerned about the assorted, lovely wines we were bringing home. I also stocked up on Birch Syrup, Italian coffee, and other wonderful things; all while sharing in a happy family occasion.

Sounds like a kindofa winner vacation for me. Regular posts will start up, soon-ish.


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