Mustard Glazed Corned Beef in the Slow Cooker

I was standing in line at the market and picked up a slow cooker recipes magazine to kill some time. Sadly, it had a ton of interesting, even a little different looking recipes, so I bought it.

One of the recipes that really appealed to me was for making Reuben sammiches – with the corned beef cooked along with the sauerkraut and Thousand Island Dressing.

It looked so very good, and when I got home, looked up the recipe on line.




What I did find, however, was a method that looked even better to me…

The corned beef is brushed with a mustard and brown sugar sauce, then wrapped tightly in foil and cooked for four hours on high (or six hours on low).


I tried it.


Easy, gluten free, and all of the fat is gotten rid of, instead of soaking into the sauerkraut and other stuff.

•1 corned beef – flat cut
•Heavy duty aluminum foil

Mustard Glaze:
•2 tbsp Dijon mustard
•2 tbsp Spicy Honey Mustard
•1/3 cup brown sugar
•1 tbsp dried onion
•1 tbsp dried shallots
•2 tsp black pepper

A note on the mustards: we love the zippy, horseradish-y bite of Trader Joe’s Dijon; and the sweet heat of the HoJo’s honey mustard makes a nice contrast.

First things first, stir the mustards together with the brown sugar, dried onion, shallots, and black pepper in a bowl.

Place the corned beef, fatty side up, on three over lapping sheets of heavy duty foil.

Note: you can toss any seasoning packet that came with the corned beef, you don’t need it.

Brush the glaze over the top of the beef, then fold the foil up and over the beef to seal it.

Place the foil packet in your slow cooker, I used my long, low slow cooker.

Place the cover on the slow cooker and cook, as noted above, on low for six hours, or on high for four hours.

Remove the corned beef from the slow cooker and allow to rest on a board for 30 minutes before opening the packet and slicing.

Carefully open the packet and drain out and discard the cooking liquid – there will be a heckofa lot of it.

Slice the corned beef and serve as is; or…

go the next step and make yourself a Reuben.

Want those details?

Come back tomorrow!




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