Fresh Relish


the only thing pickled about this fine relish is the avocado, which in and of itself is a lovely thing.

Still and all, I’m gonna stick with calling this a Fresh Relish instead of, say, a salsa – mostly because, it’s my blog and what I say goes.

Also because my husband has a kindofa strict definition of  foods in his head.

This is not “salsa-y” enough to fit his definition, but it is more than fine if I call it, say, a “fresh relish” for spooning over beer brats, or battered fish, or…

Most anything, really. Try adding some to your next salad.

The ingredients (and amounts) are mostly flexible, but, two of our must haves are the pickled avocado and the candied jalapeños.

Pickled Avocado, chopped
Candied Jalapeño slices
•Grape tomatoes, quartered
•Persian cucumbers, quartered and sliced
•Red onion, diced

•Chopped fresh parsley
•Sliced Kalamata olives

Make it a Salad:
•Crumbled Feta cheese
•Baby spinach

Prep is dead simple: simply toss the relish ingredients together, and stash in a covered bowl in the fridge until need for those beer brats or battered fish, or, heck, try some on a roll up sammich!

This one is salami and provolone with Medianoche Mayonaise and Zippy Mustard.

If adding to a salad, toss the relish with the greens and Feta just before serving, mebbe with a bit of oil and vinegar dressing.

It really is all good.

And oh! so tasty!

Don’t forget to try some over fish or chicken.

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