Zippy & Sweet Mustard – a Repeat

I’m away for most of this week, “roughing it” in a nicely equipped cabin Door County, Wisconsin; but, mindful of the fact that, at least in some parts, the long holiday weekend is coming up, I thought we could revisit some of my faves for gatherings.

Like… this mustard recipe, spicy and sweet, and recalling HoJo’s spicy mustard from back in the days of “28 Flavors” (HoJo’s variety of ice creams). Cool (and helpful) site Uncle Phaedrus, has a lot of lost, but still worthwhile, recipes posted.

So, on to the mustard.

Another bonus to this recipe (aside from the wonderful flavor), is that it is dead simple to make. Three ingredients, each in the same proportion, so, scale up or down at your whim – though I would highly recommend scaling up. You’re gonna want extras of this mustard.

•1/2 cup yellow mustard
•1/2 cup Dijon mustard
•1/2 cup honey
•1 tsp Aleppo pepper (optional, but nice)

Note: all Dijon mustards are not the same. We prefer Trader Joe’s nicely spicy smooth Dijon because of the hint of horseradish flavor. The price (under $2 a jar in the metro Chicago store I visited a week or so ago) is pretty nice, too.

Add the ingredients together in a mixing bowl or immersion blender beaker and whisk or whizzz until nicely blended.

Transfer to a jar, cover, and stash in the fridge until needed.

A note on the Aleppo pepper: I usually stir that into the mustard after blending, because it keeps the coarse pepper flakes more noticeable, and, I think, makes the mustard more attractive, and no less flavorful.

You do what you like.

So, that’s it! Nicely zippy (depending on the Dijon you choose) mustard with a bit of sweet from the honey and an added bit of subtle smoke from the Aleppo pepper.

Pretty much good on anything you’d care to slather mustard on; so do make extra.

You really are gonna need it.

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