Lemon Puddin’ Pie

SOMEtimes, when life gives you lemon (pudding), you just have to go ahead and make a pie.

I had thought I had picked up some lemon jello for a poke cake to bring to a friend’s house for lunch – the kids more or less expect me to bring cake, so, what can you do?

Well. I got home and discovered I had bought two boxes of lemon pudding instead of jello (sigh).

All worked out, though, because I did have one box of cherry lemonade jello in the pantry, and that would work a treat. Ermmm, as long as I didn’t let Thierry know that it had cherry anything in it. Not to worry, he isn’t allergic, he just does not like cherry anything.

The cake worked out fine, lunch was fun, and all the kids liked the cake, so win, right?

Now, though. What to do with two boxes of lemon pudding?

Why, let’s make a pie, of course!

My mother-in-law was staying with us, and she and my husband both love lemon anything, so, decision made.

And then, I had some pie crust in the freezer, so, no muss, no fuss, this pie is gonna come together in next to no time!

Well, not counting the two+ hours needed to defrost and then bake the pie crust.

Still and all. Open, unroll, plop into the pie pan, bake, then cool the crust according to package instructions.

Note: my pie pan is a bit larger than most, so it could easily take both boxes of pudding. If you are using a more standard pie plate, mebbe try just using one.

Pie crust baked and cooled, I again kinda followed the pudding package instructions, except

I added one tablespoon of vanilla to a beaker, and then topped the amount of milk called for with half and half before stirring into the pudding mix(es).

A few minutes later, and… let there be pie.

All in all not a bad mistake to have made, thinking back on it.

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