Dipping Sauces

I had scored a deal on frozen coconut shrimp at Whole Foods; $5 off a two pound bag (!) so, guess what we were having (in the air fryer) for dinner?

Thing is, whenever we get something like coconut shrimp out, they always serve it with some tasty dipping sauce, the makeup usually varying by the restaurant, and I could have just stirred some sweet chili sauce into mayonnaise and called it a day.


I wanted a little sumpin’ sumpin’ different; so, to the interwebs!

Where, a lot of folk suggested combining equal parts sweet chili sauce and orange marmalade to make a sauce.


I had no orange marmalade (or even Clementine Marmalade) on hand, but I did have some Peach Marmalade, and an open jar of Banana Mango Chutney, and so decided to have a sauce-off with our shrimp.

Only one problem.

They were both wicked tasty!

Full disclosure: I think I might’ve preferred the banana mango chutney dipping sauce, but, hey, winning!

So, details:

•Sweet chili sauce
•Equal measure of marmalade or chutney

Stir together in small bowls, cover, and chill until time to serve.

Cook the frozen coconut shrimp at 400º for eight minutes, turning the shrimp over after four minutes.

Serve with the dipping sauce(s).

We thought this very nice for dinner, but it would work a treat as an appetizer, too.


thinking ahead a wee, tiny bit (teh holidaze are coming, afterall)…

why not go all seasonal on your munchies and use Cranberry Relish in place of the marmalade or chutney?

Just… please… say “no” to pumpkin spice.

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