Crispity Air Fryer Pork Belly

I had scored a pretty decent deal on scallops, and was planning on making Coquilles Saint-Jacques for dinner, but…

Seeesh. I had forgotten to pick up ‘shrooms.

No problem, sun dried tomatoes will do.


OK! Bacon, then! I always have an emergency stash in the downstairs freezer for just such an emergency as this…


All-righty then!

Pork belly is basically bacon-ish, which can be used in place of sun-dried tomatoes, which can be used in place of ‘shrooms.

At this point, I was bound and determined.

•1 pre-cooked pork belly, sliced
Arby’s Sauce (or bbq sauce)
•Cooking spray*

*A note on cooking spray: a lot of “sticky” recipes call for using cooking spray with your air fryer, but the propellant use in them can cause a difficult to clean residue on your air fryer basket. A recent article recommended misting with olive oil; and, having tried it for this recipe, and others, I can say that it works as well as the stuff from the can, and cleanup is a snap.

If your air fryer needs it, preheat to 400º.

Apply cooking spray to the rack or basket of your air fryer, and arrange the slices of pork belly in a single layer.

Brush with Arby’s Sauce – or your fave barbecue sauce – and pop into the air fryer for five minutes.

Pull the tray (or basket) out, turn the pork belly slices over, and brush with additional Arby’s or barbecue sauce.

Return to the air fryer for another five minutes or so, until your pork belly slices have reached the level of crispity perfection you desire.

Remove from the air fryer, and, really, it is your duty to sample one, just to be certain all is as it should be.

Yeh. That’ll do.

Who needs ‘shrooms?

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