Air Fryer Chicken Breast

SO; this is a building recipe…

The surprisingly tasty and moist boneless, skinless chicken breast shown is made in next to no time in the air fryer.

AND, while these chicken breasts are tasty and moist and all of that and a bag of chips, they are also a starting point for another recipe, which I will get on about tomorrow.

Tho… if you need plain old boneless skinless chicken breasts, you could do a lot worse.

•Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
•Seasoned flour*
•Olive oil (in a mister, preferably)

*I used this prepared gluten-free seasoned flour, and it worked a treat. If you have your own seasoned flour recipe, go ahead and use that (there are a lot of recipes and guidelines on da google, too).

Heat your air fryer to 350º.

Pat the chicken breasts (I used tenders) dry with a paper towel and mist all sides with olive oil.

Lightly roll the breasts in the seasoned flour and arrange on the air fryer tray.

Air fry for nine minutes, then pull the tray out and turn the chicken pieces over before returning to the air fryer for another nine minutes or so – until the chicken is cooked through and an instant read thermometer inserted in the center of the largest piece reads 160º.

Remove from the air fryer and let the chicken rest for five minutes before doing whatever it is you plan on doing with it.

Note: bigger pieces will take longer to cook, so, try that nine minutes first side bit and then up your second cooking time by a minute or three if needed.

The only downside doing it this way instead of poaching is, no stock; still, it was dead easy, the chicken was good on its own, and, when added to the finished dish?


It was pretty darned tasty, I can tell you that.

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