Summer weather is here, and with it, my thoughts turn to sangria.

And… I have a fair number of sangria recipes, but this one – pronounced “caliMOcho” – is mebbe the winner, if for no other reason that it is wicked tasty, and dead simple to make.

By the pitcher or by the glass, you only need three simple ingredients – well, four if you count the ice – and mebbe a measuring cup and a spoon for stirring.

•Coca Cola
•Red wine
•Sliced oranges

That is it!

Pour equal parts of red wine and Coca Cola over ice in a glass; add an orange slice, and serve.

To make a pitcher, save the ice for the glasses and stir equal parts of Coca Cola together with red wine, toss in some orange slices, give it a bit of a stir, then pour over those ice filled glasses, set back, and enjoy a surprisingly tasty and refreshing treat.

If you want to mebbe make it Wisconsin style, go ahead and stir a shot or five of brandy to your glass or pitcher.

It is totally up to you if those five shots end up in your glass.

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