Pork Tenderloin Wellington

Looking for a pretty darned fast, wicked easy, recipe to make for family on a weekday or, heck, friends at the weekend?

We have you covered with this lovely pork tenderloin with chutney wrapped in puff pastry recipe from Rachael Ray!

Ms. Ray uses Mayor Grey’s Chutney and browns her tenderloin(s) first, but this really works out as well with non-browned tenderloin and most any chutney you have on hand.

For this batch, I used Old Farmhouse Chutney from Stonewall Kitchen because, well, they’d had a sale, and my husband stocked up, and we had some stuff in the pantry that really needed using up.

Still worked a treat.

I also, normally, buy individual pork tenderloins, but, when I pulled this particular packet out of the freezer along with one sheet of puff pastry, I discovered that it was a two pack and decided, because this was, after all, just a weeknight dinner for three, I would wrap both tenderloins in one puff pastry sheet.

Still worked a treat, tho’ I upped the baking time by ten minutes or so from the original.

A note on the puff pastry: I love, Love, LOVE Trader Joe’s frozen French puff pastry; but it is a seasonal item, only available, at least around here, in the fall and through the holidaze.

Note: any brands I mention in any post are ones I like and use. Nobody has offered me anything to mention of use them.

Though… I am open to offers.

Just sayin’

•1 pork tenderloin
•Chutney (your choice)
•Puff pastry sheet, thawed

Heat your oven to 400º and line a rimmed baking pan with parchment paper.

Unroll the thawed pastry on the parchment and spread the chutney more or less evenly to within about an inch of the edges.

Arrange the tenderloin in the middle of the chutney spread pastry, then pull the sides up and over to cover.

Note: again, I tucked two tenderloins into one pastry sheet.

Press the top and the edges together to seal the pastry, and then, this is your choice…

Flip the pastry packet over so that it is seam side down before baking;


just leave it as is for, what I am calling a “more rustic appearance.”

pop into the hot oven and bake for 25 minutes – though, recall, I have two tenderloins in that packet, so I gave it 35 minutes – until the dough is a lovely, deep golden brown.

How pretty is that? Tasty, too.

Allow to rest for five minutes after removing from the oven before using a serrated knife to slice, then serve as you will.

Cheesy Ranch Broccoli made a nice side.

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