Devil’s Advocate

In the fall, my husband’s thoughts turn to…

Yeh, Fireball Whisky; and all of the autumnal stuff you can make with it.

Like this here cocktail, which is wicked simple (once you’ve found the apple liqueur) and devilishly tasty (you see what I did there, right?)

About that apple liqueur. The original recipe called for apple schnapps, but we could only find sour apple, even at a big box liquor

store; so, with the help of a kindly salesperson, we settled on Berentzen. The rest, as they say, is history.

The original recipe also called for mixing the drink one at a time, but, well, we had folk over, so I just did a pitcher, 1/2 cup each of the Fireball, apple liqueur, and spiced rum, and then passed that around for people to pour over ice as they liked, then topping each glass off with a splash of Sprite.

•1 oz Fireball Whisky
•1 oz Spiced Rum
•1 oz Apple Schnapps (or apple liqueur)

Pour over ice, then top with Sprite.

See? I really think it is much easier to just mix up a big batch and pass the pitcher around along with the Sprite.

Cheers and all!

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