Cucumber and Shallot Lime Juice Pickle

For a bit over a year, now, we have been using a food kit service recommended by a good friend. We normally order between two to four kits a week, have really enjoyed most of them, and I have learned some cool, new stuff; like – roasting butternut squash in garlic oil?

This is one of those cool, new things.

Stoopidly simple, and really tasty; it was designed as a topped for Korean inspired tacos, but I have plans for the future…

We have friends coming over for a holidaze dinner in a week or so, and I am making an old fave, Thai Pork Stew, which I believe will be greatly enhanced with this ‘salad’ served on top.

•2 cucumbers
•1 shallot
•2 tbsp lime juice
•2 tbsp water

Peel the shallot and slice into thin strips.

Toss the shallot strips with the lime juice and water in a small bowl and let rest for at least five minutes.

Peel the cucumbers and, using the peeler, shave into long ribbons; stopping when you get to the seeds.

Toss the cucumber ribbons with the pickled shallots and set aside to rest for at least ten minutes.

That is it!

Almost surprisingly cool and refreshing, you could serve this as a side salad, and, if you crave a little bit of heat, mebbe consider tossing 1/2 teaspoon or so of crushed red pepper flakes into the mix.

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