Cherry Cosmo

We had some friends coming for a quick overnight at our place before we all briefly split up and then met again at our fave cabin in Door County, Wisconsin.


Friends from back east who had never been to Door County had me thinking “cherries” and then Cosmos, and so, Cherry Cosmos!

And because they are on a big road trip, some sparkling rosé floated on top.

•4 oz lemon vodka
•1 oz Gran Orange Liqueur*
•12 oz cran-cherry juice
•1 oz cup Key lime juice

•1 cup lemon vodka
•1/4 cup Gran Orange Liqueur*
•3 cups cran-cherry juice
•1/4 cup Key lime juice

To Serve:
•Sparkling rosé wine
•Orange slices

*You can use Cointreau, Grand Marnier, or triple sec, but I am really liking the orange and cognac combination.

If you are doing single drinks, combine the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker with ice, then shake well and serve in an elegant stemmed glass.

As for me, when we have folx over, I prefer to make up a pitcher so I can toss some ice in (also elegant) glasses, pour the chilled beverage o’ the evening over and, if I am using any, add your splash and any garnishes you feel in the mood for.

A nice, cheery, cherry start to a holiday adventure in one of our fave places with some of our fave people.

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