Hot Dog Baked Potato



Technically, I used Vienna Beef Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, because that is how we roll around here; but, I gotta tell you, this here is a genius move!

Swap out a baked potato for the hot dog roll and you have yourself a mighty tasty dinner that is easily tailored to most anybody’s personal preferences.

Even vegetarian!

•Hot dogs
•Baking potatoes

Ranch Pickles
•Diced onion

Wash your potatoes, prick with a fork several times, and bake in your preferred method. Mine is in a hot 350º oven for two hours, until the potatoes and nicely tender, but the skin is a bit crunchy.

I checked out a couple of different web posts for this whole concept, and went with the option of air frying our dogs in stead of boiling or steaming.

All air fryers are different, so be guided by your own experience, but I air fried at 400º for three minutes, then turned them over and air fried for another three minutes.

Top as you will.

And enjoy!

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