Ranch Pickles – Now With Jalapeños!

One of my fave latest condiment discoveries is Ranch Pickles – wherein you add a packet of ranch dressing mix to a jar of pickles.


One mighty fine jar of pickles, ready and waiting to serve all of you pickle needs.

So, one day, I was thinking…

“Hmmm, how would adding pickled jalapeños work?”

And so, a legend was begun.

•1 packet ranch dressing mix
•1 (24 oz) jar sliced pickles
•1 (11 oz or so) jar sliced pickled jalapeños

The method to this madness is simplicity itself; simple drain the pickle jars – saving the juices – then whisk the ranch dressing mix into the juices.

Toss the pickle and jalapeño slices to mix them together well, then return to the jars, or transfer to one larger jar, and pour the ranch pickle liquid over to cover.

Cover and chill until needed. The pickles will be fine right away, but are better if you give them a few hours for the flavors to blend.

Note: I used spicy sweet pickle chips, but feel free to use whichever type you prefer, even pickle spears.

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