I’m just gonna go for it…

SourdoughDay4bfLOThe sourdough starter looks pretty much as it has ever since  that first day when I poured away some and ‘refreshed’ it with a new mixture of flour and water. Harrumph. I’m going to declare this batch ‘ready’ by fiat; toss it into the fridge, and stop meddling with it until this weekend, when I will attempt the actual bread. We shall see…

Thankfully, my never fail (OK – there was that ONE time – but that was user error; and besides – now I KNOW what happens when you add 2 tablespoons of yeast instead of the 2 TEASPOONS asked for) Honey French Bread to fall back on. Ten minutes in the kitchen, three and a half hours in the bread machine, and you have a loaf of pure goodness.

It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood – mid 80’s on the front porch, and a terrific breeze coming through the open windows. I think we’ll keep dinner simple tonight with chili dogs.

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