PopCorn01bfLOWhy not?

It’s a balmy 37º this morning; but the sun is shining and the sky is clear – so a warmer afternoon is coming, methinks (oops – ‘Talk Like Shakespeare Day’ was LAST week). Perfect for washing the kitchen floor – to get up all the last spits of barbecue sauce from yesterday’s batch.

PopCorn02bfLOOn to the popcorn. A nice snack, and good for you, too – if you avoid all the ‘stuff’ they put into those little microwave bags. The only thing is – they surely are convenient – unfold, pop in the ‘wave, push a button and zap! Snack time.

Thanks to the nice folks at Wisconsin Public Radio and, I think, someone from The New York Times, I now have the secret to microwave popcorn without the oils, sauces, salts and whatever else they contain. The ingredients are simple:

PopCorn03bfLO•1/2 cup popcorn
•1 brown paper lunch bag – I use the ‘giant size’ bags from Target

That’s it! Take 1/2 cup of popcorn and put it in your paper bag. Close the top by folding tightly and creasing three or four times. Pop it in your ‘wave, push the ‘popcorn’ button and voila!

There had been some mention of adding a bit of oil to the bag, but when I tried it, I got a soggy bag and a smelly kitchen. Better, I think to salt the popcorn when you pour it into the bowl and melt a bit of butter to toss it with.

Salt? Yes. Butter (fat)? Yes. BUT – just that, not all this partially whatevered cream of Xantham gum. Or whatever it is they put in those little bags.

Also – it’s quite a bit cheaper. I can get a 30 oz. jar of Orville’s best for about $3 on sale at Woodman’s; the bag runs a bit less than 4¢, the butter about 6¢; so for a bit less than 20¢ a bowl – you’ve got a snack. How’s that for a popping secret?

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