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Sausage, Sweet Potato, and Corn Bread Stuffing

First off, let me just say, for those folk who have to make snippy little comments; I do not care a bit whether this is actually a “stuffing” or “technically” a dressing. You call it whatever you like when you … Continue reading

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Brioche, Sausage, and Egg Bake

I came across a breakfast casserole calling for brioche, sausage, cheese, and eggs, but; instead if whipping the eggs into the milk and cream cheese mixture, they are added on top, in little divots made in the sausage and brioche … Continue reading

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Veggie Jambalaya…ermmm, with shrimp and sausage

My sister was driving out for a vist from the East Coast. One of our cousin’s dad lives a couple of towns over from my village in far northeastern Illinois, so they decided to share the drive and take two, … Continue reading

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Bagel and Sausage Strata

My sister has more folk over than even us, so when she told me about this wicked tasty onion bagel and pancetta strata recipe she found in Rachael Ray’s magazine, I hunted it down on the interwebs and decided to … Continue reading

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Deep Dish Veggie and Sausage Za!

Shhh. I have a confession to make. Even tho’ I’ve lived in greater Chicagoland for close to 20 years (!), I am not a hoooge fan o’ the deep dish pizza. I also put ketchup on my hot dogs, but … Continue reading

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What to call this? TASTY!

I was scrolling through some vintage advertising websites when I came across one from, I think, Betty Crocker during World War II. Some foods, like meat, were rationed, so there were lots of articles and advertisements, even whole cook books, … Continue reading

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Breakfast (casserole) for Dinner

Consider this casserole. It has everything to make for a truly fine breakfast: eggs, cheese, a bit of cream, cooked sausage with onion and peppers. Of course, all that egg and sausage and cheese and (bit of) cream and onion … Continue reading

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Polenta With Sausage and Tomato Sauce

A while back, Rich and I spent a very cold and rainy evening catching Poi Dog Pondering, one of our favorite bands, in concert at Ravinia. The concert was, of course, excellent, but the night so very cold and damp … Continue reading

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The Doris Project (TDP) Week 27: Sunny-Up Breakfast Casserole

This week’s Doris Project recipe comes to us via an advertisement for Bob Evans’ sausage that mom clipped and added to the bag. I did change up the recipe just a wee, tiny bit, adding peppers, making my own croutons … Continue reading

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Corn, Sausage, and Chicken Tortilla Soup

I had a fair number of corn cobs, leftover from our fave grilled corn, in my freezer, and a ring of Wisconsin-style linguiça to try and do something with – I was fairly certain that Klement’s sausage would not be … Continue reading

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