Corn Stock

03cCornStockStrainedbfLOThis recipe has been banging around my ‘Try This!’ file ever since the summer – about as long as I’ve had a half dozen slightly nibbled on corn cobs stashed in a zipper bag in the freezer – and this week seemed the perfect time to get around to trying it.

You know what?

This is good!

And simple, and a really good use for any leftover corn cobs that may come your way.

•7 corn cobs
•4 carrots, chopped
•5 celery stalks, with tops, chopped
•3 onions, quartered
•1 tbsp Sichuan peppercorns

02bCornCobWaterSimmerbfLOAdd all the ingredients to a tall stock pot (you may notice that I didn’t bother to peel the onion – it’s all good, and will be strained out of the stock at the end anyway) and cover with water.

Give it a stir to mix things up a bit, then bring to a boil, reduce the heat, and simmer for an hour, until the stock takes on that lovely golden hue and has a nice, corn-y flavor.

Update: I have just made a fresh batch, and while one hour simmering is OK, three hours is da bomb!

04cHamPotatoSoupBowlbfLOStrain, then cool and freeze, or, use this fine bit o’ veggie stock as the base for any number of soups and/or stews.

I took my eight cups of strained stock and made a rather nice batch of ham and potato soup – just the thing to take the chill off of a cold November’s evening – and we were most well pleased.

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