Smashed Cauliflower With Cheese and Garlic

CauliflowerPotRoastbfLOI made a pot roast for dinner the other night and, as per our usual, I discarded the roasting veggies along with the rendered fat; they were really just in the pot to flavor the meat anyway.

So we needed some veggies. And mebbe a bit of potato.

How’s about a veggie that takes the place of the potato?

Smashed cauliflower!

01bCauliflowerCasserolebfLOTasty, and oh! so simple to make:

•1 head cauliflower
•1 tbsp butter
•1/4 tsp seasoned salt
•1/2 tsp garlic powder
•1 tbsp dried chives
•1/2 cup cheese, grated
– I used a blend of mozz and provolone

02bCauliflowerGarlicPastebfLOCut the cauliflower into crowns and rinse well. Transfer the cauliflower – still damp – to a ‘wave-safe casserole, then cover and ‘wave on high for five or six minutes, until the cauliflower is tender.

Here’s the only thing I would do different:

SmashedCauliflowerbfLOThe original recipe I found called for simply mashing the cauliflower, which I did. Next time, I plan on running the cooked cauliflower through the food processor with the butter, seasonings, and cheese.

As it was, I mashed the cauliflower with the butter and seasonings, then stirred in the shredded cheese, covered the casserole, and let it rest for five minutes before serving.

Even if mine was not quite as smooth as smashed potatoes, it was still quite tasty.

Rich prefers the cauliflower gratin, but I’m thinking that if I do the processor bit, and mebbe add some good Cheddar in place of the mozz/provolone combo, I can bring him around to this version, as well.

Who needs potatoes with your pot roast?

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