Spinach Salad With Strawberries and Feta

01bSpinachSaladbfLOLot’s of folk think spinach salad and think warm bacon dressing, sliced egg, and mebbe those little Mandarin oranges.

Not me.

I had some of my new sweet onion poppy seed salad dressing in the fridge, a bag of baby spinach sitting in the crisper drawer, and some Bulgarian feta cheese that needed using up; and they all sounded kinda nice to me for a salad, with mebbe a few other tasty additions…

•1 bag baby spinach
•Strawberries, halved
•1/2 sweet onion, sliced thin
•Feta cheese, crumbled
•Salami, cut into strips*
Sweet onion poppy seed salad dressing
•I didn’t have any on hand, but they would’ve been perfect on this salad: candied pecans.

01cSpinachSaladDressingbfLO*I’ve been buying this uncured salami (well, this one and the mesquite smoked version) at Target. BTW, did you know that “salami” is the plural for “salame”? See, you’ve learned something new today.

Toss all the ingredients together – except for the dressing** – in a large bowl and serve. We had ours with our favorite marinated grilled lamb chops and a fresh batch of horseradish sauce.

SPinachSaladWrapbfLO**yeh, you could add the dressing directly to the salad bowl, but then any leftovers are gonna be a bit wilted. More better, I think, to allow folk to dress their own, and then, any leftovers can be tucked into a large tortilla for a wrap sammich (and drizzled with more of the dressing) at lunch the next day.

Cool, no?

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