Chopped Salad

MysteryBox08182015bfloI follow a local farm on facebook, and each week, they do this “Mystery Bag” thing, where you join an event on Friday, and the following Tuesday you show up at the farm with a bag, fork over $10, and get a passel of goodies.

This was yesterdays haul (except for that bowl o’ citrus in the background).

So I am gonna be a bit busy with things for a while – I’m thinkin’ corn relish and gazpacho and…

01aChoppedSaladbfLOwho knows what else?

So, in the interest of getting to some serious canning, today’s post is dead simple:

Chopped salad.

02aChoppedSaladPotatobfLOAs the name implies, it is a big bowl (or platter) of chopped lettuce(s) and veggies, this version with added hard cooked eggs, maple roasted bacon, and crumbled blue cheese.

I have been known to just have a huge serving of this salad (usually topped with a really nice Thousand Island dressing) and a baked potato for dinner; but you could, I guess, cut back a bit on the salad and the potato, and mebbe add a nicely grilled steak.

It’s all good.

Now, back to canning…


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