Grilled Strip Steaks

02cSteakReadybfLOSo, yeh, technically, these strip steaks are pan grilled on top o’ the stove; but the recipe will easily work on a real big boy grill, too.

Sometimes, a good piece of meat requires a simple preparation, and there is not much simpler than this: a bit of olive oil, a nice spice rub, two hours of quiet rest on the counter (for the steak, not you, but, if there be cocktails, go for it), a quick grill, then another (short) rest – again, for the steak – and a daub o’ my favorite Irish butter before serving.


•Strip steaks
•Olive oil
•Steak seasoning (I used this one)

02aSteakPanbfLOAdd olive oil to each steak, then lightly rub your seasoning blend of choice into both sides.

Set the steaks aside to rest for two hours to allow the flavor to develop.

If you’re grilling the steaks, sear them for two minutes per side over direct heat, then move to the side, cover the grill and cook for 20 minutes.

03aSteakRestbfLOIf, like me, you’re opting to pan grill, heat your pan over high heat, then add the steak and sear for one minute per side, then reduce heat to medium and cook for six to eight minutes, turning the steaks every two minutes, until little pearls of blood appear on the surface.

Transfer to an upturned plate set in a rimmed dish, add a pat of butter to each steak, then loosely cover and set aside to rest for ten minutes before serving.



But oh! so tasty.

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