Smoked Brown Sugar

01bSmBrownSugarbfLOSo, yeh

Today’s post is more in the category of Stuff I Like than a recipe, but I think it needs to be shared and you need to check this seriously terrific stuff out.

Three words: Smoked. Brown. Sugar.

I first came across this in a cooking class – we were called to add it to the butter and Scotch whisky in an apple galette – and have since found so very many ways t0 love it.

02aJamaicanChickenbfLOLike, Jamaican chicken, a recipe I will be featuring this coming Monday.

Smoked brown sugar is not cheap – this eight ounce packet will set you back close to $17 (even on Amazon) – but a little will go a long way, and you can use it in so many different and tasty ways – like – mebbe grilled peach and blue cheese salad (dust the peach halves with a bit of the sugar before grilling) – or mebbe even over the top of your favorite crème brûlée.

Good stuff.

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