Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

04aBuffChickQuesbzLOThe world’s best mom-in-law was wrapping up her two week visit, and, on her last evening with us, we took her out to a new-to-us restaurant just over the border in Wisconsin.

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen makes all of their food, well, from scratch, and it was really quite good. The only problem I had was the serving sizes, which were hoooge, so we had a fair bit of my Buffalo chicken tenders and most excellent onion rings left over at dinner’s end.

01aChickenbzLOThey were too good to waste, so I had them boxed up and took them home. Of course, we were leaving the next morning to take mom home, and were spending the weekend visiting other family members, so the tenders and rings were not gonna get eaten.

What to do?

02bAddCheesebzLOWell, I popped ’em both into zipper bags and then into the freezer, to become a problem for another week.

Back home once again, I decided they would make for a fine Buffalo chicken quesadilla, once I chopped them up really fine.

Worked a treat.

Note: if you don’t happen to have leftover chicken tenders and onion rings, check out this recipe for Oven Fried Buffalo Chicken.

•2 cups shredded cooked Buffalo chicken
•8 flour tortillas
•2 cups shredded Mexican cheese blend
•Blue cheese dressing (try this recipe)
•Celery sticks

I happen to have a quesadilla maker, but you can also use a large skillet.

03bQuesadillabzLOHeat your oven to 250º and place a rack in a large baking pan on the bottom rack.

Place about three tablespoons of the chicken mixture on a tortilla, then top with three tablespoons or so of the cheese. You are gonna want to leave a decent amount of space around the edges.

Place another tortilla on top, then pop into the quesadilla maker, close the lid, and cook for four minutes or so.

If using a skillet, warm the pan over medium high heat, then add one quesadilla and cook for two minutes. Flip and cook for another two minutes.

04bBuffChickQuesbzLOTransfer the cooked quesadilla to the pan in the warm oven and repeat with the remaining filling, cheese, and tortillas.

Serve with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing on the side.

If you don’t want to make your own blue cheese dressing, our favorite store brand is Marie’s.

Happy quesadillaing!

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