Deviled Eggs

Happy New Year!

These eggs were a hoooge hit over the holidaze, and lots of folk were asking for my recipe, so, here we are.

I should note that I used my own, home made pickle relish, and Sherry Peppers Sauce, which, long time readers will know, I put in just about everything I make; and which also gives these eggs just a bit of a kick. Feel free to swap out ingredients to suit your taste and your pantry.

•10 hard cooked eggs
•3 to 4 tbsp mayonnaise
•3 tbsp relish
•2 tbsp diced celery
•1 tbsp Sherry Peppers Sauce*
•1/2 tsp dry mustard
•1/4 tsp Cayenne
•1/4 tsp Aleppo pepper
•1/4 tsp Kosher salt
•Black pepper
•Paprika (as a garnish)

Note: I used peeled hard cooked eggs from my market’s dairy section. If you happen to have a multi pot, here is a pressure cooker method for hard cooking eggs that are easy to peel.

*No Sherry Peppers Sauce? No Problem! Simply add a bit of decent sherry (none of that “cooking” stuff) and a dash or three of your fave hot sauce, to taste.

Cut the eggs in half and mash the yolks with the mayonnaise, relish, Sherry Peppers Sauce, dry mustard, Cayenne, Aleppo, and black peppers, and the salt.

Note: start out with mebbe three tablespoons of mayonnaise and check the consistency. I think that four tablespoons (1/4 cup) was a bit too much for ten eggs.

Stuff the egg white halves with the yolk mixture and stash in the fridge until ready to serve, sprinkled with paprika.

And oldie, yes, but most certainly a goodie!

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