Rice Vinegar Coleslaw

Usually, I make this Asian inspired coleslaw to top off Moo Shoo Pork Street Tacos, but, it turns out it stands on its own.

Really well.

Keep the ingredients simple; a bag of coleslaw mix and some scallions, or…

Go all out, as I did with this version, adding chopped parsley, blanched asparagus, red and yellow peppers, and roasted and salted pepitas (pumpkin seeds).

Oh, and some diced, Pickled Avocado also works a treat.

Basic Coleslaw:
•1 bag coleslaw blend
•Scallions, sliced
•Fresh parsley, chopped

•3 tbsp brown sugar*
•2 tbsp rice vinegar (I use seasoned)

Additional Add Ins:
•Sliced blanched asparagus
•Sliced peppers
•Pepitas (or sunflower seeds)
Pickled Avocado, diced

*A note on the brown sugar: I used one tablespoon of this Smoked Brown Sugar and two tablespoons of plain light brown sugar. Fair warning: the smoked brown sugar is not cheap; but I have found that a little (like one tablespoon) goes a long way.

First things first; whisk your rice vinegar together with the brown sugar(s) in a large bowl until nicely blended.

Add the coleslaw blend and whatever other veggies/extras you feel like, then toss until everything is lightly coated.

Note: it may not look as though there is enough rice vinegar and brown sugar dressing for the amount of veggies used, but it all works out perfectly.

Transfer the tossed salad to a bowl, cover tightly, and stash in the fridge until ready to serve.

If you feel like it, toss some crispy chow mein noodles into the salad just before serving.

I have not tried it (yet), but can only think that adding some chopped cooked chicken or turkey to the mix would give you a heartier, more main course salad.

And, of course…

I cannot stress enough how very, very good the diced Pickled Avocado is in this salad.

Two of my new favorite things, all in one tasty salad!

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