Soul Roll Sauce

Seven years ago or so, we were watching an episode of Celebrity Cook-Off on Food Network, and Coolio made these wicked tasty looking egg rolls that he called Soul Rolls. I tried them out for the next party we had, and have been making them ever since.

With, of course, a few small changes.

Coolio deep fried his rolls. I originally browned mine in a bit of oil, then baked them to finish. Now, I brush each roll with a bit of oil and then bake them, so, healthier.

I also use ground turkey or chicken instead of beef – though ground pork is pretty darned tasty, too.

I also initially thought the sauce was better with pineapple juice, but have come to the conclusion that canned peaches in heavy syrup work a treat.

In any even, the sauce is wicked simple to toss together, and tastes great on a lot of different foods, so, check it out!

•12 oz Barbecue Sauce
•6 oz peach syrup from a can of peaches*
•1 tbsp Pepper Jelly (optional)

Note: my barbecue sauce is a bit on the zippy side, because that is how we like it; if using store bought sauce, consider one that is spicy.

*There was not quite enough heavy syrup in my can of peaches to make six full ounces, so I ran some of the peach slices through my immersion blender and added that to make six ounces.

Combine the barbecue sauce with the peach syrup and (if you’re using it) the pepper jelly, then stash in a jar in the fridge until needed.

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