Creole Marmalade

A while ago, we were out at a restaurant (Outback) that we usually visit with friends after catching a movie.

This time, though, it was just us, because, no movie and we had been out and about running weekend errands, so… we tried a coconut shrimp appetizer that we do not usually order because neither Ruth nor Michael are big fans of coconut.

Thing is, the coconut shrimp comes with Creole Marmalade – which we now LOVE!

So, of course, we came home, I did some research on teh Google, and found out how to make our own version.

It is easy.

It is fast to toss together.

And it is pretty frikkin’ tasty on a lot more than just coconut shrimp!

•1 cup marmalade*
•2 tbsp Dijon mustard
•1 tbsp horseradish
•1 tsp Cajun Power Spicy Garlic Pepper Sauce – or your fave hot sauce, to taste
•1/8 tsp Seasoned Salt

*I used my Peach Marmalade, but your own preferred orange marmalade is fine, too.

Stir the ingredients together in a bowl until nicely blended, then transfer to a small jar, cover, and chill for at least 30 minutes to allow the flavor to develop.


It works a treat along with Aioli on beer battered fish; but don’t limit yourself to simply seafood – expand your sammich horizons, and even, dare I say it? Try a bit with your holidaze ham or lamb.

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