Jalapeño Ranch Pickles

Today and tomorrow are “building” days for Thursday’s Jalapeño Popper Bean and Bacon Soup.

Today’s post is wicked simple, and based on a tasty food hack I found this past summer; Ranch Pickles, wherein you add a packet of ranch dressing mix to a 24 ounce jar of your fave pickles (I like Dave’s spicy sweet). I liked those pickles so much, I added a jar of pickled jalapeños to the next batch, and, I am pretty certain you can see where that experiment led me…

Yeppers! Ranch Jalapeños!

•2 jars pickled jalapeño slices
•1 packet ranch dressing mix

Pour the jalapeños and the pickling liquid into a large jar, then add the ranch dressing mix, close the jar tightly and shake to mix.

That is it!

Stash it in the fridge and wait; I like to make them a day or so ahead so that the flavors can really blend, but you do what you like.

I put mine in a quart-sized canning jar, which worked a treat, and now I have a nice stash of Ranch Jalapeño Pickles for the rest of the fall.

They were really nice in the Popper Soup, too.


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