Ranch Pickles

I posted this recipe back in January, and while, we liked them, I thought that I could do better by using a sweet and zippy pickle than the dill slices I tried at first.

As it happens, I was correct; and so, with cook out and barbecue season in full swing, I thought it about time to share my modified version for you all to share with friends and family and such.

Oh. Did I mention it is only two ingredients and comes together in about a minute?

•24 oz sweet & spicy pickle slices
•1 oz pkg ranch dressing mix

Pour ranch mix over pickles and brine in jar.

Close tightly and shake until the dressing is well blended in.

Note: I poured my pickles and the brine into a mixing bowl before stirring in the ranch mix, then returned it all to the jar, closed it, and gave it a good shake.

Chill for 24 hours before serving.

Tasty! And, yes, much better, in my humble opinion, than the dill slices version.

So, thanks to the nice folk at Taste of Home for the original recipe, and how very good they were on our beer brats.

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