Air Fryer Chicken Thighs


one of our local markets does a pretty stellar job of seasoning different cuts of proteins and packaging them all ready to go for the pan, or the grill, or…

the air fryer.

We have tried their Cajun-seasoned salmon, and, while I am usually really picky about fish mongers, we were actually quite pleased about the seasoning and the fish.

In this case, we picked up a packet of their “backyard barbecue” seasoned, bone-in chicken thighs; and I thought, since the grill was under a bunch of snow, that the air fryer would work a treat.

•Seasoned bone-in chicken thighs
•Olive oil

Note: if your store does not offer pre-seasoned cuts, simply use your own fave seasoning blend. One of my current faves is Dan-O’s spicy blend.

Heat your air fryer to 380º for five minutes.

Arrange your chicken thighs in a single layer on the air fryer rack and spray both sides with olive (or vegetable) oil.

Note: I use regular olive oil in a spray bottle instead of commercial cooking spray, because something in the propellants used tends to stick to the rack, which in my case is not dishwasher safe, so investing in a spray bottle makes cleanup much easier.

Position the thighs, skin side down on the rack and pop into the air fryer for twelve minutes.

Turn the thighs over so that the skin side is up, and cook for an additional ten minutes.

Take a look at them, they are lovely and golden brown, but I wanted mine just a bit more crispity, so I continued to cook them, still skin side up, for another four minutes.

Remove from the air fryer, check the temperature, they should measure at 165º, and serve as you will.

We enjoyed ours with some broccoli in cheese sauce and topped with chopped ranch pickled jalapeños.


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