Better Berries Through Maceration

A while back, family was visiting and one of my brothers-in-law asked where I got the berries he was enjoying?

I explained that they were simply supermarket berries, but I had macerated them, tossed ’em in a bit of Cointreau and sugar and let them rest before storing them in the fridge.

Note: no Cointreau (or other liqueur)? No problem! Simply substitute the same amount of orange juice!

(for each container of berries)
•1 container berries
•1 tbsp sugar
•1 tbsp Cointreau (or orange juice)

Wash and prep your berries, and transfer to a large bowl.

Note: this batch was just strawberries, but you can add in most any other berry or fruit you like.

Try it with peaches. I am just saying.

Sprinkle the fruit in the bowl with one tablespoon of sugar, then pour the one tablespoon of Cointreau (or orange juice) over and toss lightly to mix,

Let rest in the bowl for about 15 minutes before (this is the maceration part) transferring the contents, and any syrup that has formed in the bottom of the bowl, to a container, and stash in the fridge until you need them.

I usually serve them as part of breakfast, or mebbe one top of a fruit tart, but they are also lovely over ice cream, or, think of the shortcakes!

Like I said in the header…


And better!

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