One. One. One. But… Butter!

My very favorite trick when making a cake, especially a fancy one like this “Catherdral” bundt, is this wicked simple, but wicked effective mixture that practically guarantees your cake, baked and cooled properly, will pop out of the pan as nicely as this one has.

And, with no splotchy flour spots.

Now, I do not make cakes that often, mostly for a special occasion or friends’ kids’ birthday parties (they kinda insist on a “Mr. Terry” cake at this point).

So, I tend to have one of the main ingredients for this most excellent cake pan coating (solid shortening) hanging around, doing nothing, for a long time.

Then, “light dawned over Marblehead” (an old Massachusetts expression) when I realized that butter is, really, just the original shortening!


So, I thought I would give it a try, and, well, you can see how well it worked.

•1 tbsp butter, softened*
•1 tbsp veggie oil
•1 tbsp flour

*My default is unsalted Irish butter.

Combine the butter, flour and oil in a small bowl with a fork then brush over your cake pan of choice.

That is all.

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