Sunday Bonus! Ranch Relish

I have posted before about my (not so) new fave jarred pickle hack; adding a packet of ranch dressing mix into the jar with the pickles, closing it up, shaking it all well to blend and… TA-DAH! Tastier than ever pickles with a hint of ranch.

Then, I went ahead and added a jar of pickled jalapeños into the mix and thought myself very well served.

Then, I got to thinking about brats and stuff and thought… “hmmm… relish?”

And that, good folx, is what I have now gone and done.

Ranch Pickles:
•1 packet ranch dressing mix
•1 jar sliced pickles*
•1 jar pickled jalapeño slices

Ranch Relish:
•Ranch pickles, drained
•Diced pimiento, drained

*We like our stuff a bit on the zippy side. If you and your do not, feel free to skip the jalapeños and choose your own preferred dill or sweet pickle slices.

To make the pickles, simply combine your chosen pickles and pickled jalapeño slices (if using) with a packet of ranch dressing mix in a large jar. Shake until well and truly blended, then stash in the fridge for at least overnight to let the flavors blend.

To make the relish, drain some of your Ranch Pickles and coarsely chop.

Drain the diced pimiento and combine with the pickles.

How much of each is up to you. I normally try to consider what I an planning on making for the week and chop and drain accordingly.

This relish works a treat on burgers and brats, and just you wait until you see what it does in my new fave Mashed Potato Salad!



This Bonus Post is also a Teaser Post.

I will share the Potato Salad recipe tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!

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