Brandied Spinach

When I first came across this idea on All Recipes, I knew it was going to be served at one of the feasts over the holidaze. The person who posted the article said that this recipe had made her mom “Small Town Famous” for decades.

It is tasty, and also wicked easy to prepare, although squeezing the excess liquid out of the thawed frozen spinach was a bit tedious, so I was a bit slapdash about that bit, and just let my spinach cook down in butter in the pan.

I thought it worked a treat.

•2 stick unsalted butter
•36 oz frozen chopped spinach, thawed
•1 tsp Ranch dressing mix
•2 tbsp brandy

Drain the spinach really well on a colander, and then, using your hands, squeeze the spinach really well to get out as much excess liquid as you have the patience for.

Melt the butter in a large pot (that is an eight ounce stick of Irish butter, so two sticks of regular.

Add the spinach, the Ranch dressing mix (or a bit of salt and pepper) and cook, tossing the spinach in the butter to evenly coat.

Again, I was not terrific about squeezing out the excess liquid before cooking, so I kept cooking and tossing until most of the pan liquids were gone.

At the very end, mebbe a minute or two before you plan to serve, stir in the brandy and remove from the heat.

Nice spinach!

And, leftovers becam a pretty nifty spinach and Feta omelette for my mom-in-law the next day, so, Bonus!




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