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Brandied Spinach

When I first came across this idea on All Recipes, I knew it was going to be served at one of the feasts over the holidaze. The person who posted the article said that this recipe had made her mom … Continue reading

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Peach Butter

Another ever popular holidaze gift from my kitchen is peach butter; with just a bit of mango and brandy added for interest. It also happens to be, with the use of frozen pitted, peeled and sliced peaches and mango, wicked … Continue reading

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Yeh, so, it is getting to be sangria season; why not revisit a Mediterranean version, which is simply red wine, Coca Cola, mebbe a splash of brandy, and whatever fruits you feel like tossing in. Pronounced “caliMOcho,” this flashback from … Continue reading

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Blender Mousse

Back in the day, my mom would make pudding for dessert. From a mix, but not instant, and she would stand over a pot at the stove stirring for what seemed like forever while the pudding gently came together. My … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Make Peach Butter!

There’s a family gathering next month, and I have been asked to replenish the supply of Peach Butter. “But wait!” you say, “Isn’t that an awful lot of work and prep and all?” Not really, it is just four ingredients … Continue reading

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Pâté for the New Year!

Some folk maintain that it is good luck to eat beans at the new year. Not me. I believe that any year that ends with, and then the next year begins with peppery, smooth as silk chicken pâté has got … Continue reading

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Parfait! Slow Cooker Salted Caramel

Also known as Dulce de Leche, this fine caramel sauce is dead simple to make, but it will take about ten hours in your slow cooker, so plan accordingly. We’re having friends over for diner this weekend, and Rich found … Continue reading

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Macerated Peaches

Yesterday, I posted a really nice (and gluten free!) recipe for a baked cheese blintz casserole. Today, we’re gonna prep some fruit to scatter over the top of your blintz slices. How about peaches? The market had some nice white … Continue reading

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Parfait! Thousand Island Dressing – HoJo’s Style!

I have published several Thousand Island Salad Dressing recipes, here, here, and here, for a start, so, why revisit the concept? I mean, I already have a recipe I consider to be The Best, but then… I came across Ask … Continue reading

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Beef Stew

Yesterday, I did a post about prepping pearl onion, carrots, and ‘shrooms for use in today’s feature: beef stew. I split the posts up because, as I was looking over my notes, I added a lot of stuff to my … Continue reading

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