The Doris Project (TDP) Week 33: Scalloped Potatoes

04bScPotatoesbfLOI looked at this recipe, on a xeroxed card from I-don’t-know-where, in the Doris Project Bag (now box, really) and thought to myself; “this isn’t gonna work.”

Sliced raw potato, diced raw onion, canned cheese soup, and a sprinkling of shredded cheese on top – there was something that I just knew would be wrong. And there was.


I was totally, irrevocably wrong.

01aPotatoesbfLOThese, my friends, are wicked fine scalloped potatoes, and, while I did add a couple of things to the original recipe (well, I’m me), not enough to change the fact that the basic recipe itself is very, very good.

•1 can cheddar cheese soup
•1/2 diced sweet onion
•2 large baking potatoes
•1 tbsp honey mustard (I used mine)
•1/4 tsp sea salt
•1/2 tsp black pepper
•1/2 tsp Aleppo pepper
•1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

*For this batch, I only added my favorite honey mustard salad dressing, the Aleppo pepper, and two tablespoons of milk to the last of the cheese soup and onion mixture 03aTopPotatobfLObecause I thought it a bit sparse to top off the casserole. Next time, I’ll add mebbe 1/4 cup of milk to the cheese and onion mixture in the beginning to thin it out and make it easier to spread over the potatoes.

Heat oven to 375º and apply cooking spray to a large baking dish – I used a two quart round pyrex casserole.

Combine the soup, onion, honey mustard dressing, salt, and peppers to taste in a mixing bowl.

Cut the potatoes into 1/4 inch thick slices.

03cTopCheesebfLOArrange one layer of potato slices on the bottom of the casserole and cover with a layer of the soup and onion mixture – as I noted above, I found the soup mixture to be really thick and thought it a bit tough to spread without also disarranging the potatoes, I also thought there should be just a bit more of it, so do think about adding two tablespoons to mebbe 1/4 cup of milk to the mixture before you start spreading.

Repeat with potato slices and soup until all have been used.

05aScPotatoesPlatebfLOSprinkle shredded cheese over the top and bake until the cheese is bubbly and the potato slices tender, about 45 minutes.

Turn off oven and allow to rest for 15 minutes before serving.

05dSCPotatoesClosebfLONice. Just. Plain. Nice scalloped potatoes. We had ours with honey mustard roasted pork chops and a romaine, feta cheese, sun dried tomato and mesquite salami salad with honey mustard dressing – I was feeling a theme thing for dinner that night – and thought ourselves very well fed.

Thanks, mom, for another delicious recipe I never would’ve thought to try.

Note: this recipe is almost stoopidly simple to toss together, and totally yummy; but if you are opposed to the canned soup, there are ways around that… I have a several ‘condensed’ soup substitute recipes: mushroom, celery, and a couple of tomato (here and here); and next time I make this recipe, I plan on trying out a cheese soup substitute; but, don’t let the soup stop you – this really is a good, feast day worthy, recipe.

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