Browned Brussels Sprouts Salad With Blue Jack and Prosciutto

03bSaladPlatterbfLOI’ve done a (very nice) shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad before – cheating and picking up a bag o’ sprouts pre-shaved at my local Trader Joe’s.

This time, I’ve mixed things up a bit, still picking up a bag o’ pre-shaved sprouts from the produce section of my local market, but now browning the sprouts, just a bit, with some diced sweet onion before gloriously strewing their green, slightly crispity goodness on a large platter with some rather good blue jack cheese and prosciutto.

01aBlueJackCheesebfLO“Blue Jack cheese?”


02aSproutsOnionbfLOPerhaps only from the minds of Wisconsin cheesemakers could this surprisingly rich combination of Monterey Jack and Blue cheeses come. We were walking down the cheese aisle at our local Meijer store – I am truly lucky that I have, in about a 30 minute drive radius from my house, a pretty spiffy assortment of well stocked and managed supermarkets – and a very nice lady was arranging assorted cheeses for tasting. In truth, the two smoked cheeses we tried were too strong and smoky for our tastes, but the Blue Jack? Practically perfect in every way!

Cheese in hand, I had a plan for a salad, and set out in search of shaved sprouts.

Meijer did not let me down.

•1 bag shaved Brussels sprouts
•1 sweet onion, diced
•1 or 2 tbsp bacon fat
•Diced prosciutto
•Blue cheese
•Chopped Romaine lettuce

Brown the prosciutto in a large skillet until nicely crisped, then transfer to a paper towel lined plate to drain.

03aSaladPlatterbfLODepending on how much fat the prosciutto has left in the pan, melt bacon fat to measure mebbe two tablespoons over medium high heat, than add the sprouts and onion.

Cook, tossing to mix, until the sprouts are a bit wilted and crispity on a few edges.

Arrange the Romaine on a large platter, top with the sprouts and onion, then the Blue Jack cheese and the diced prosciutto.

Serve with this Southwestern Ranch Dressing, and, mebbe, some candied pecans or walnuts.

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