Parfait! Slow Cooker Salted Caramel

Also known as Dulce de Leche, this fine caramel sauce is dead simple to make, but it will take about ten hours in your slow cooker, so plan accordingly.

We’re having friends over for diner this weekend, and Rich found an Icebox Cake recipe he wanted me to try – made with layers of Ritz crackers, cream cheese, and salted caramel; so, a perfect time for me to take out the slow cooker and dust off this recipe – I add a tablespoon of brandy to mine, ’cause that’s how I roll; you do what you like.

•Sweetened condensed milk
•1 tsp sea salt
•1 tbsp brandy

Empty a can of sweetened condensed milk into a low jar with a tight fitting lid, then stir in the sea salt and, if you’re using it, the brandy.

Note: I make a double batch, using two cans of sweetened condensed milk and two  low, pint size wide mouth canning jars.

Screw the lids on the jars and place in your slow cooker.

Add water to cover the jars, put the lid on the slow cooker, set the temperature to low, and cook for eight to ten hours, until you have a couple of golden jars of caramel goodness.

Remove from the slow cooker and allow to cool before storing in the fridge.


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